CCTV Camera Installation

How to install or set up and configure a cctcv camera with dvr setup in home & office , you can connect it to internet for viewing online on mobile for remote view on phone anywhere . see this is the components’ which is required for cctv camera installation , This device is called DVR , ie digital video recorder . this is the major component , which includes a hard drive for the storage of cctv footage , this is a camera which can be used for recording and capturing the videos. however there are different types of cameras like night vision camera , simple dome shaped camera , out door cameras , but the way of connecting the cameras are all most similar . each camera consist of two cords like this among which one is used for power supply and another is used for data transferring , so lets begin the tutorial at home or office . this is four channel dvr of zicom in which we can connect a maximum of four cameras . this is video input for the dvr , first cam input , 2nd cam , 3rd cam & 4th camera. hence we can provide here a maximum of four inputs in this cord . whether that would be any kind of camera , either simple dome camera , night vision camera , outdoor camera etc . this cctv camera machine has two output formats one is vga output and other is av output , vga output can be given to a lcd monitor or crt monitor , while the av output can be previewed on tv screen . this is vga cable or connector which can be used for connecting the input and out put interface . a part from this dvr machine had a lan cable connectivity for accessing you cctv footage any where on network . the usb mouse port is there which can be used for setting and configuring the dvr system. this is dvr power supply or power adapter which is used to supply the power to the digital video recorder .here you have to insert the jack .in order to save your video recording known as cctv footage , attach the hard disk in the dvr , so unscrew the dvr cover . in this place attach your hdd . screw it tightly , and now plug in the sata data transfer cable is used and you also require a hdd power cable to power the hard drive . insert them to appropriate places .close the lid of dvr . now lets see some thing about cctv cameras . doesn’t matter which type of camera that is , dome shaped , night vision , or any . all type of cameras have two out puts first output is video output see in video tutorial , and other is to provide power to camera , so that the camera could operate . whether your camera is simple one even thou you need to provide power supply . . now lets identify the cables of cctv camera this wire is specially for dvr only you can not use normal wire of this purpose . you will find two coaxial cables in center those two wires has to be used for video transmission from camera to dvr . connect via video connector .now you will be pretty confused thene what is the use of rest of three wires , as previously i had told you that the camera needs power supply aswell to make the system working . so in order to provide power supply to camera we can use any two wires among the camera . but still one cable is left , that cable can be used for audio recording if your cctv camera has audio recording facility . generally very costly cams have their sound facilities. Now its term to provide power supply when you hold the other end of the cctv cable you find we provide video in to dvr input and use cord ot connector . insert in any available video in port . similarly you need to attach the cables of cameras to other dvr inputs. its time to power supply the camera . , for that purpose we will use a single & common power eliminator or adaptor . join out puts op power adapter with each camera power wires . positive and negative.. thats all you need to do as a part of cctv hardware settings now insert the vga cable to dvr and led monitor or tv . once you connect and power on you will find four screens on your display , insert the usb mouse to dvr port . once you power on you will get this kind of screen . it will prompt you user name and password to change the settings of dvr . the user name and password varies from company to company . you can refer the user guide of starter manual . once you enter the user name and password if yours camera connectivity is ok you will automatically see the video footage in each camera . if you want to zoom any camera click on that portion , it will open in full screen.

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